Kaikoura Pacific Coast

2 day scenic bird watching and wildlife tour

                                                Day 1 Overview

kiacollage1Beginning in Christchurch we head to Kaikoura on the Pacific Coast based between the mountains and the sea. You’ll have time to relax and take in the panoramic views of the soaring mountain peaks and shimmering sea as we drive to our destination.
Booking into your 5 star hotel room in the morning and getting ready for an afternoon of adventure. After lunch we will visit the New Zealand fur seal colony and the famous Seal Waterfall where pups play and learn to swim before venturing into the sea (Sorry but the seal water fall has been cut off by the 7.8 mag earthquake that hit Kaikoura 12 months ago). In the evening we will take to the mountains and into the forest in search of New Zealands endemic song birds the Tui and the Korimako as well as many other forest birds such as Kereru and Karearea native flora and fauna.


Accommodation at the 5 star White Morph (premium studio)


(Yummy Morning and Afternoon tea and hot/cold drinks are provided on both days) otherwise food not included, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, bar and pubs are all close walking distance.



                                                  Day 2 Overview

kiacollage2Beginning in the morning we head out on the Pacific Ocean with Encounter Kaikoura’s birdwatching experts. Heading out in the morning gives us the best chance to observe the bountiful bird life. Often regarded as the sea bird captain of the world just a short boat ride from shore we will encounter upclose a diverse array of sea birds including species of Albratross, Mollymawk, Penguin, Petrel, Shearwater, Shag, Tern and Gull habitat within a close proximity of the Kiakoura Peninsula. The deep sea canyon that runs just a mile from shore down to a mile deep allows for a diverse ecosystem close to land.

In the afternoon you’ll have the opportunity to walk the Kaikoura Peninsula walkway including drop off and pick up on either side. This is one of the most spectacular coastal walkways in the world with dramatic views of the mountains and the vast ocean that is the pacific. Keep an eye out for seals, dolphins and the numerous birds both on the land and out over  the sea. Before we leave Kaikoura we will give you the opportunity to leave your mark here in New Zealand by planting a tree. Who knows, one day you may come back and see how its grown and what bird may be nesting amongst its branches. One our way back to Christchurch, we will stop at a wetland reserve for afternoon tea where you may see a number of bird species, Ducks, Shags, Stilts, Geese, Swan, Pukeko and even possibly the Royal spoonbill or White Heron.



$1299NZD PP


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