Where the Mountains meet the Sea

Kaikoura quiet clean and green is a township on the East coast of New Zealand . It is literally where the Mountains (Maunga) meet the Sea (Moana). Rising to over 2000m straight out of the Sea the Kaikoura Seaward range lyes in rest over looking the great South Pacific Ocean.Black Fronted Tern

Below the Sea lyes a deep canyon where in some parts it reaches a mile deep just a mile from shore. Upwellings of rich nutrients following deep oceans currents, streaming from the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Allows for a diverse and healthy eco-system to prosper.

Salvins Mollymawk

Salvins Mollymawk




Species of Albatross, Mollymawks, Petrols, Shearwaters, Shags, Terns, Herons, Gannets, Penguins and Gulls. All occur in close proximity to the land here. Marine Mammals Whales , Dolphins and Seals are also all common place in Kaikoura. So keep an eye out when your taking in the views of Kaikoura.








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