New Zealand’s special birds “Endemic”

Most of New Zealand’s native birds are endemic meaning they are        found nowhere else. Isolation and Evolution over millions of years lead to new species appearing in New Zealand, which today make for interesting bird- watching opportunities.

NZ on a World map

Bullers Albatros

Bullers Albatros at home around the sea’s of New Zealand.

   Endemics include a number of birds such as the flightless Kiwi, Takahe and Weka as well as the Tui, Saddleback and tiny Riflemen of the forest.

DSC07892 (1)

The Takahe a unique flightless bird is found only in NZ.

Shorebirds such as the Wrybill, large mountain Parrots like the Kea & Kaka, and many seabirds including the Huttons Shearwater & Buller’s Mollymawk.

The pair of large Kaka an Endemic parrot in NZ

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